Healthcare Compliance Simplified

ComplianceCare is a customizable end-to-end compliance management platform, enabling healthcare providers to benchmark capabilities across matrixed organizations and achieve best-in-class compliance.

Why ComplianceCare

One-stop custom solution for managing issue tracking, reviewing compliance maturity, risk assessments, conflict of interest management, document management and reporting

Benefits ComplianceCare

Vision and Commitment

Simplify Compliance – We are working to move the Healthcare industry shift from canned “one-size-fits-all” offerings to customized smart solutions that can deliver each customer’s workflow needs better and with easier/faster adoption

Domain Expertise and Experiences

Smarter software and thought leadership in compliance / privacy / cybersecurity – Customized software solutions designed, implemented and operationalized at the direction of a team with demonstrable track record in compliance, privacy and cybersecurity.

Agile and Flexible Platform

Leverage Best-in-Class Technology – ComplianceCare platform reuses best practices and components that have helped deliver agility and speed based on cloud, analytics (advanced machine learning) and secure software platforms

Partner for the long-term

Committed to customer’s success – We understand the evolving and diverse nature of customer’s and are committed to delivering your needs better, faster and on a sustainable basis.

Compliance Vision & Focus Areas

ComplianceCare Solution | Key Differentiators

    Best-in-class compliance platform

    This is designed for healthcare using modular architecture and machine learning

    Superior domain expertise

    Trusted experts delivering compliance privacy and security, Established Hotline Service Partner for issue management.

    Customized agile development

    Leverage established processes and platform assets to deliver with speed.

    Re-use platform

    Uniquely positioned to seamlessly integrate with customer's tools ans assets

    Agnostic deployment models

    Software-as-a-service/On-premise deployment. Build/Operate/Transfer options

    Flexible and sacalable

    Pay only for waht you need! integrate solution to your workflows using custom apps and scale on-demand

ComplianceCare Platform