Case study : Beyond building a storefront

Know the client

Our Client has one of those unique businesses which has 3 different ecommerce sites with multiple product lines under each of them pertaining to healthcare and beauty products. Their ecommerce sites are running on Magento Platform in AWS. They partnered with VueData to help them scale up their business needs and one of such business needs is to migrate their existing ecommerce sites from legacy Magento platform into a headless ecommerce.

Business challenge

Each digital transformation has a story behind and here, it’s the end of life of Magento Platform 1.X. The challenge was to migrate all ECommerce sites to latest Magento Platform (2.x) to keep the business continuity while in parallel plan to move away from Magento platform dependency. A double-edged sword to handle

Customer experience

Balancing fraud protection with customer experience

While VueData’s DevOps teams took care of the operational risk mitigation by ensuring the network traffic and access to resources from the exploit got controlled right away from AWS Infra perspective; the sustenance team came up with creative solutions like smart deep learning the requests and managing AVS (Address Verification System) in a more controlled way.

Our strategy

VueData implemented the transformation in a record time with zero impact to the day-2-day business of the client.

Following are some key success factors celebrated at the end of the transformation:

  1. Successfully migrated Magento 1.x to 2.x with zero downtime
  2. Migrated Stripe to Elavon Payment gateway while reducing the error rate in transactions from as high as 40% to as low as 1-2%
  3. Implemented headless ecommerce with microservices architecture as platform
  4. With DevOps automation, we were able to cut the release window downtime by 50%
  5. Improved SEO footprint, attribution and implemented digital marketing campaign using to track and report few key metrics like abandoned cart, user retention rates


The solution implemented controlled 50% of the exploits. To take care of it 100%, we quickly designed and integrated Riskified to provide frictionless fraud prevention. This right away improved guaranteed higher approval rates, instant decisions, and full chargeback protection. We custom implemented dynamic fraud control that helped the platform proactively decide the order processing state based on the Risk Score of the transaction. This aided to the increase in confidence level of customers using the website, with > 2% fraudulent transaction rate being reported by the customer support team.

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