Enhancing Retail Performance with Test Automation


As a fast-growing crowd-sourced startup company, one of our clients faced multiple challenges with their home-grown technology stack.

  1. As systems were built and scaled to meet business needs, there was a lack of comprehensive tests which could catch bugs or guarantee issue-free releases
  2. Most importantly systems were often siloed, which amplified the lack of integration tests and the time to properly test functionality across modules in major releases.
  3. New features in pipeline like ‘Customize your own’ bike and seamless integration with insurance services were getting delayed for the lack of stable test environments and release confidence.
QA automation

Enter VueData!

VueData offered QA automation services to their technology team. VueData worked to understand their applications and identified the automation framework to suit the business objectives and introduced a Page Object Model (POM) pattern to enhance test maintenance and reduce code duplication. Test engineers developed test cases on Cucumber which supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD). A test automation framework for smoke, sanity & regression testing was developed.

Our Methodology

VueData also introduced a metrics driven QA framework with continuous tracking of KPI’s like test case ratio, coverage, error reduction, automation potential and latency.
With this approach, VueData aimed to change the culture of testing with the below behavior changes.

  1. Continuous automation, where automated test scripts are written in parallel to the development code.
  2. Test automation being fully integrated into the agile teams—not an activity that is one sprint (or likely more) behind the development sprint.
  3. Make quality a team responsibility (not just testers’ responsibility), with product, development and testing teams contributing to test automation.
  4. To support this initiative with both functional and non-functional test automation across various layers and application stacks, VueData’s test automation toolset evolved and expanded to include a wide range of open-source tools Selenium, Java, TestNG and XSL-T.


  1. Troubleshooting Configuration With automated tests, RPB team was able to identify, within minutes, major configuration issues (e.g., deployment problems, services not started).
  2. Improved Code Quality Regression and unit test cases run with every minor build helping developers catch bugs at the earliest.
  3. Increased Coverage Functional tests helped improve business logic and workflow testing coverage from 17% to 85%.
  4. Faster time-to-market Release velocity improved by 4X in the first 3 months.
  5. Stable test and release environments a daily check of the test environments is performed saving tons of manual effort.
  6. CI/CD of test automation framework Automation testing is now part of the development life cycle (with continuous delivery) with a centralized test suite and reusable scripts.

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