A Cloud transformation journey


One of our clients wanted basic and boxed-in apps mobile and web were hosted in a third-party platform with a one size fits approach which limited their ability to release features or understand customer engagement

Increasing infrastructure cost With third-party and onpremises hosting, they did not have a clear cloud strategy and needed help in reducing infrastructure cost and scaling their user base

Limited platform outreach With limited platform availability, they was not able to deliver their goal of reaching their customers over any platform, any device

Cloud strategy

Enter VueData!

Cloud Strategy One of the first things VueData did in this engagement was to come up with a comprehensive cloud migration strategy.

App development VueData’s engineering team built up the cloud based microservices required for our client to build and release apps on multiple platforms.

Data-driven approach One of the profound changes VueData made to how our client operates its technology and business was to make everything data driven.

Key differentiators

Below are few of the state-of-the-art technologies driven features VueData built to scale their user base, drive content engagement and retention to enable its journey to become the market leader of the virtual fitness space

  1. Advanced encoding techniques VueData helped to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing audio track options like Louder music, Louder instructor, Music only, Instructor voice only in their streaming to engage with the end users based on their preference

  2. Interactive sessions

    VueData built the tech stack to seamlessly host hundreds on users on interactive sessions with instructors and 2- way communication capability.

  3. Smart device integration

    apps were enhanced to communicate vital stats with fitness devices like Apple watches, Fitbit, and other wearable trackers.

  4. Social

    The first fitness app to engage users with social networking features. VueData built the tech stack and delivered features like 1:1/ group chats, posts, automated feeds, likes, recommendation, scoreboards, gift cards and group competitions which enabled users to engage and compete with others.

  5. Intuitive content management system

    VueData built an intuitive CMS web application for admins and content creators to curate, configure and manage all the aspects of the end user application in real time.

  6. ML based recommendation

    VueData implemented user behavior-based recommendation for everyone based on genre of videos watched, specific fitness goals and favorites.

  7. Customer data platform

    VueData implemented Segment as a customer data platform (CDP) and is the central to everything it does. Mobile, Web and OTT apps talk to Segment to send user behavior data constantly and a rich protocol of events track everything from video watches to user searches and app performance.


Scale as needed

The app able to use the COVID pandemic to its advantage where people were not able to work out in gyms. User base increased from 8,000+ before pandemic to 400,000+ in couple of years

Cost control

Though the scale of the users increased by 50X, the infrastructure cost remained the same as before. Thanks to advancements of AWS cloud technology and VueData’s expertise in optimizing and using serverless to the client’s advantage.

Improved customer engagement and feedback loop

Industry leading features like interactive workouts, social networking, immersive videos, and tailored recommendations helped drive customer engagement and improved retention by 3X.

B2B growth

The new cloud based tech stack with its auto scaling, reliability and cost effectiveness enabled the client to go after B2B opportunities wherein user base can increase by 50K over night with no impact to cost or performance of the app. Our client is now both a DTC and B2B player in the market.

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