The E-commerce advantage: A Study on boosting sales and customer loyalty

Navigating complexity

Our customer operates in a highly competitive e-commerce landscape, where they face the complex task of managing multiple sales channels while ensuring cohesive operations and consistent brand representation. The challenge lies in maintaining brand image, pricing, and product information consistency across various websites, marketplaces, and social media platforms.

In response to the significant rise in mobile shopping, our client has recognized the importance of optimizing their e-commerce platform for mobile devices. However, they encountered challenges in delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience on smaller screens. The limited real estate poses design complexities that require careful consideration to provide an engaging and effortless mobile shopping experience.

Furthermore, the substantial growth in our client's e-commerce operations has resulted in increased traffic and sales. However, they faced the challenge of scaling their infrastructure to accommodate this growth while maintaining optimal performance. Without addressing scalability concerns, they risked website crashes, slow loading times, and ultimately, dissatisfied customers.


The Solution

Through a modular approach and managed services model, VueData was able to deliver prioritized and delivered product features phase by phase. The strategy included, enhanced multi-channel management, optimized mobile commerce, and ensured scalable infrastructure, providing a competitive edge in the e-commerce landscape.

Architecture & technology

  1. Each functional area is implemented as its own Microservice instead of a monolithic application
  2. Contained deployable, modular services that can be scaled independently.
  3. Real-time Asynchronous, message-based communication between the micro services, demons through a robust message queue system
  4. Enabled each service to be developed, tested & deployed independently by the team that is focused on a functionality. Operational Automation - DevOps model

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